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Do You Outsource Manufacturing Overseas?

Dishonest Reporting By Your Manufacturers Maybe Costing You Billions!

Industries we focus on
Fashion & Apparel l Soft Goods l Sundry Products 

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Do You Face These Challenges?

Quality Issues?
Constant Delays?

Incorrect Production Status
Logistics Consolidation?

How We Help You


  • We will be your eyes and ears in the manufacturing country

  • We give you an honest report stating the reason and possible solutions

  • Our local teams in India, China, Bangladesh are capable to communicate with your factories

  • Our logistics team will help you with shipping documents & consolidation

  • We offer quality inspections at several stages of product development and production. Click Here

Our Guarantee

"We work for you and not our suppliers. We guarantee you honest reporting at all times."

Correct Quality Assurance Can Pay You In The Long Run

  1. No more merchandise defects

  2. Meeting expectations of your customers

  3. Building customer loyalty for repeat business

  4. Easy to upsell

  5. Your customers will gain more confidence in your products

  6. You build a healthy reputation above your competition

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“I am very happy with their quick responses and technical knowhow"
Business Team

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Meet the Team


Marketing Director

  • LinkedIn

Ayush Gupta

After spending $700k in Advertising, and fixing appointments with Walmart, Massimo Dutti, and more, Ayush is our key asset.


Quality Control Director, China


    With over 40 years experience in the global sourcing and quality control, she has handled shipments worth $10s of millions


    Founder, CEO

    • LinkedIn

    Anshu Gupta

    Over 44 years experience in this trade, she is the secret to the success of this business with a vision to grow globally.


    Sales Team

      Dana, Jack

      Our sales team come from different avenues of the industry - from catalog, boutique to big box retailer

      Technical Team

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