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The Godfather strategy

The seven parts of the godfather offer

A godfather offer has 7 parts that make its importance a genuine irresistible offer:

1. Rationale

An irresistible offer begins with a clear and reasonable explanation for why you’re making an absurd offer that is so generous to your prospects.

2. Building value

When building value for your offer, it can be what you usually charge for your product or service or what your competitors are charging. However, make sure that your price is fixed and a reasonable value to your product and offer.

3. Price

Suppose you’re making an offer to turn your prospects into paying customers. In that case, you need to offer a low price initially to increase the number of customers, along with two higher price points to increase the average sales and return on investment. After all, you want to provide the most aggressively irresistible offer for your initial sales and then improve the price. This makes your first sale as captivating as ever that after your prospect buys the first offer, the additional price increase will be nothing to them.

4. Payment

It would help if you considered making an installment plan of three or four payments when the payment is high. According to Macs4u, 35% of buyers reported that they were more likely to buy a product or service from a business that offered monthly installment plans.

5. Premiums

Premiums are gifts that you offer to your prospects and the purchased product.

6. Power guarantee

The power of your guarantee is to reverse the risk for your prospects by making you bear the risk instead of your prospects.

7. Scarcity

You need to have offers with scarcity. However, they have to be genuine, or your brand will lose trust!

Reach out to us today to build your Godfather strategy.

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